Scouts, Guides and NCC


The purpose of the Bharat Scout and Guides is to contribute to the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual potentials as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of local, national and international communities.

The Vidyalaya plays an active role to train 175 Scouts, 153 Guides, 74 Cubs and 54 Bulbuls under the leaderships of Guide Captain Miss. Sipra Das (HWB), Scout Master Mr.R. P. Yadav(Adv). A Scout Guide Adventure Corner has been developed inside the Vidyalaya Campus in which different bases like Commando Bridge, Monkey Bridge, Rope way, Tyre tunnel, Zig Zag Tyre crossing, Rope climbing, Tyre Rolling, Watching Tower, Derrick Bridge, Rope lift, Ladder bridge are functioning to develop the adventure spirit among the Scouts Guides, Cubs and Bulbuls. Scouts and Guides whenever got any opportunity to take part in any competition, they have made their presence felt by putting something unique. If the Bharat Scouts & guides movement has been popular, the credit goes to the team of trained teachers who has been working relentlessly without expecting any praise and reward.

Enrollment of Scouts, Guides, Cubs and Bulbuls for the academic year 2016-2017

No. of Cubs 74
No. of Bulbuls 54
No. of Scouts 175
No. of 153
Total Enrolled Students


Leaders :

5 Scout Master and 1 Cub Master

5 Guide Captains and 1 Flock Leader


President and Members

President (Director, PXE Chandipur)
Vice-President Nominee Chairman( Staff Officer to Director, PXE Chandipur)
Secretary Shri S.K>Behera (Principal), KV Balasore
Assistance Secretary Shri M. Beng (Vice Principal), KV Balasore
Teachers Members of Local Association 1. SHRI D.K JENA (Head Master)
2. Shri. H. M. Barik. PGT (Maths) 

Members 1. Mr R P Yadav (Adv SM & GL, Scouts )
2. Shri. S. C. Behera (Adv SM)
3. Shri. J K Tiadi (Adv SM)
4. Shri Sk. Kadar (Basic SM)
5. Shri. P.C.Bhanj (Basic CM)
6. Mr L. L. Patel (Adv SM)
7. Shri. K. Naynam (Basic CM)
8. Miss Sipra Das (HWB GC & GL, Guides)
9. Mrs. M. Patra (Basic GC)
10. Mrs. M. Senapati (Basic GC)
11. Miss. Anita Sahoo (Adv GC)


Scouts and Guides of the Vidyalaya render their valuable services in Pulse Polio Immunisation Programme organized by Voluntary Organisations. They also render their services every year at the time of Kartik Mela at Balighat, Balasore and other local festival in First Aid, Lost and Found, Traffic control and supply of drinking water, which is highly appreciated by the District Administrator from time to time.

  • Every year Scouts and Guides observe Thinking Day, Flag Day, Gandhi Jayanti, World Habitat Day, Anti-Leprosy Day, Van Mahotsav, etc.
  • They also undertake cycle hike, campaign against social prejudices and harmful activities.
  • Scouts and Guides render services during Natural Calamities.
  • They take part in in different Cluster level, Regional level and National level Scout/Guide activities.
  • 8 Guides and 2 Scouts participated in the Zonal level Rajya Puruskar Testing Camp – 2014 held at K.V. Nipatoli, Ranchi, Jharkhand and K.V. CRPF, Ranchi, Jharkhand respectively in the month of July.
  • Two Guides participated in the Rastrapati Award Testing Camp -2014 held at K.V. RK Puram, New Delhi in the month of April.

The Vidyalaya celebrates Thinking Day on 22nd Feb. and Flag Day on 7th Nov. every year .

Achievements In Scouting & Guiding

Name Of The Activity Number Of Participants Year
Rashtrapati Award Test (Participated ) 2 Guides 2014-15
Rajya Puraskar 6 Scouts and 17 Guides 2014-15
Tritiya Sopan 10 Scouts and 9 Guides 2014-15
Dwitya Sopan 81 Scouts and 53 Guides 2014-15
Pratham Sopan 33 Scouts and 39 Guides 2014-15
Pravesh Sopan 45 Scouts and 33 Guides 2014-15
KVS Rajya Puraskar 1 Scout(Soumya Ranjan Das) 2010-11
Tritiya Sopan 10 Scouts and 10 Guides 2010-11
Divisional Rally 4 Scouts and 4 Guides 2010-11
State Rally & National Jamboree 1 Scout and 4 Guides 2010-11
Rashtrapati Puraskar 3 Scouts(Balbindar Nayak, Shraddha Siddhant Rath,  Prasant Kr. Das) 2009-10
Rajya Puraskar Award held at KV Chennai 1 Scout & 1 Guide 2009-10
Tritiya Sopan Testing Camp held at KV Baripada 14 Scouts & 16 Guides 2009-10
KVS Rajya Puraskar 4 Scouts and 2 Guides 2008-09
Tritiya Sopan 9 Scouts and 8 Guides 008-09
International Jamboree (London,U.K.)


Kumari Dayamayee Maharana represented from  Bhubaneswar Region 2007-08
SPL Centenary National Jumboree 3 Scouts and 5 Guides participated our color party  represented the march past 2007-08
KVS Rajya Puraskar 2 Scouts and 4 Guides qualified 2007-08
Tritiya Sopan 6 Scouts and 6 Guides qualified 2007-08