Other than Academics, the Vidyalaya Curriculum embraces the Co-Curricular activities as well with the sole purpose of bringing all round development in the students. We spare no efforts to create a congenial atmosphere and thus enable the children to manifest their artistic talents in one form or the other .To harness the process the entire school is divided into four houses namely AGNI, AKASH, PRITHVI and TRISHUL and each child is assigned one house. He/She is allowed to represent his/her house whenever any competition is organized under CCA programme.To imbibe an aesthetic and artistic temperament we have selected certain items like Dance, Song (solo & Group), Drawing and Painting in addition to declamation , Extempore speech , Debate and Quiz. Suitable arrangement has been made in the time table for the smooth conduct of the activities as noted above. A team of teachers adjudges the performance of the students on every occasion and the winners are awarded prizes at the time of Annual Day Celebration-cum-Prize giving Ceremony. Besides, the national festivals and few important occasions are celebrated in the most befitting manner. On such occasions we do not restrict the number of participants rather we encourage for mass participation.