VMC Meeting

MEETING OF THE V.M.C. ON 24/04/2008


  1. Best performing school under Bhubaneswar Region declared by Think.com Oracle.
  2. CBSE Examination of Class X & XII was conducted in peaceful & fair manner.
  3. Internal Exam from I to IX & XI conducted peacefully and fairly.
  4. Application form for Class I & Pre-Primary sold:- Registration done - Admissions to the eligible candidates effected . 108 children up to category 5 have taken admission in class: I , 12 seats kept in reserve for SC, S T. & PH.  In Pre Primary class _______ students have been admitted. Waiting list is to give admission up to the sanctioned strength. Brochure printed & given with application forms. Students’ diary & Vidyalaya Patrika are under print.  On 28th March, the result of class I to IX & XI declared. 1331 students appeared Passed 1295, failed 18, Pass percentage is 97.29. Supplementary18, Compartmental examination is going on at present. Result sheet is enclosed.
  5. Dramatic show was arranged in the Vidyalaya by Balasore Vikash Sadan on 11/04/08 in order to sensitize the children about AIDS & HIV.
  6. New Session started w.e.f 1st April 2008.
  7. Rs.68,249/- was sent to Helpage India and DD of Rs. 12,132/- was given to the Vidyalaya by Helpage India.  Total amount donated by students Rs.80,381/-
  8. Second Nation wide Biotechnology Olympiad result :- Master Sarthak Kumar Giri secured 6th All India rank & was awarded cash prize of Rs.500/- Another child Satya Swarup Sahu, got 12th rank in All India and got Rs.250/- Akankshya Panigrahi got 97th All India rank and received Rs.100 as cash prize.
  9. Attended Principals’ conference on 12th April and as an observer visited K.V. Paradeep Port & K. V. Baripada to ensure implementation of minimum common programme in Primary Education.
  10. Performed duty of observer (appointed by CBSE)

Confirmation of the Minutes of Meeting held on 8th January, 2008.

  1. Construction work: (a) Stair case :- is almost completed.

(b) Computer Lab. : - Work is in progress. 
( c) Boundary Wall of Hockey Field: is almost completed 
Sanctions for New works
1. Rs.14.78 lac sanctioned for renovation of visiting gallery & left out roof treatment. Rs.10 lac deposited with Construction Agency.  
2. Boundary wall of the main building: - AA & ES has not yet come from KVS (H.Qr) 
3. Pit for storing garbage:-  not done for want of funds. VVN funds were diverted to the school fund as the funds for salary was not released. 
4. Internet LAN facilities in the 2nd Computer Lab, Exam Deptt. & Office: - done. 
5. Removal of the teachers plat form from each class room: - under process but actual removal will take place in summer vacation. 
6. Construction of cycle shed:- Not done due to shortage of funds. 
7. Installation of CC Camera for this academic session: Not done due to shortage of Funds. 
8. Cleanliness & Security services of the Vidyalaya is not being proper cleaned by the concerned Agency. Matter has been taken up several times with the concerned Agency. But nothing fruitful has come out so far. Some amount is being deducted from each month payments for not providing adequate material and security guards.

9. Shifting of School funds & VVN A/C from SBI to AXIS Bank: not shifted after receiving the direction from Ministry of Finance.

10. Hiring of the coaches:- Being hired as and when required.

11. Roof treatment of the 2nd Computer lab to be done by MES along with other works. 
12. Flooring with Leonard sheet in the Library:- done
Agenda :- (Construction/Maintenance/ repairing)

  1. Drainage system to be cleared by the contractor of Primary computer room.
  2. Raising of plinth protection in front of office building.
  3. Drain to be filled up (Three side of Assembly ground)
  4. Roof treatment of 5 Asbestos rooms
  5. Hard standing to be done:
    1. Remaining position of old & new building.
    2. In between the road and building of northern side.
  1. Low lying areas to be filled up with soil.
  2. A small room of 8’ x 8’ with north western cover of children’s Park (attached to the Library) to be used as a PA system controlling room.
  3. Four coolers to be purchased, Processing has been completed. Supply order could not be given due to lack of funds. Hence fresh approval is sought.
  4. Three Mercury vapor focussing lamps to be procured and to be fitted to illuminate Northern side of the Vidyalaya.
  5. Special repairing of Staff Quarters
  6. Progress of the work of 8 new staff Quarters: Rs.35 lac deposited with Construction Agency.
  7. Construction of a small pond for sustaining acquatic life.

Following items are to be procured for the Session 2008-09

  1. 15 Computers & 15 UPS of HCL on DGS & D rate
  2. LCD Projector :- 3 on  DGS & D rate (01 for Primary & 02 for Computer Labs)
  3. Printers & Scanner on DGS & D rate for Primary Section.
  4. HDPC (High duty photo copier) for primary to be procured/ Riso machine  (Automatic Master Printer)
  5. Split A.C Machines :- two for Computer labs
  6. White board, Notice Board, shoes stand is required for 2nd Computer Lab.


Chairs for Primary Section                     : As per requirements 
Chairs and Tables for Pre-Primary                     -do-
Haxagonal table for Primary                              -do-
Dual Desk for Secondary Session                       -do-
Sofa & Central table for Principal office.            -do-
Five almirahs are required for Computer and Maths Labs

Renovation of children Park, Adventure Park: needs addition of some amusing items like Mary go round  and needs painting & colouring.

Issuing Indentity Card to all  students : Actual expenditure to be borne by the students.

Celebration of Annual Day:- Date/month to be decided

Constitution of the VMC & VEC: - to be constituted by Hon’ble Chairman