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ALL things bright and beautiful

All creatures great and small,

All things wise and wonderful,

The lord God made them all,

Each little flower that opens

Each little bird that sings,

He made their glowing colours,

He made their tiny wings,

He gave us eyes to see them,

And lips that we might tell

How great is God almighty.

Who has made all things well.

Porshia Debnath
Class -VIII


The Best attitude

Often when we have to interact with group of people ,the most attractive and appealing person is the person who is cheerful ,has a smiling face and behaves as if he or she is enjoying every moment .Such people have an optimistic outlook to life. They are the one’s with positive attitude. Contrary there could be the people who are focusing on the negative attitudes, donot attract others in the same way.

But of course, even the greatest optimist cannot smile all the time and feel good. The ups and downs of life cause everyone to feel a touch of melancholy now and then; when everything seems hopeless .But developing a positive attitude helps us bounce back from every challenge and difficult experience, ready to face whatever life brings. To get the bet out of life, we owe it to ourselves to approach everything work, friendships and relationships, with a positive attitude.

Suraj Raj Nayak

Class –XI-A