Places For Study Tours:

1. Chandipur: situated on the east coast of the Bay of Bengal Chandipur is more famous for Interim Test Range(ITR) where all the missiles are being test fired Chandipur is a peaceful sea side resort where the sea recede and proceed 5 km everyday. Chandipur is 16 km away from Balasore.

2. Remuna : The Kshira Chora Gopinath temple is located in Remuna. It is a small town located 9-km east of Balasore, about halfway between Calcutta and Puri . The name "Remuna" is derived from the word "Ramaniya" which means very beautiful. It is said that Sri Rama carved 'Gopinath' with His arrow and that Sita worshiped this deity in Chitrakut. King Langula Narasingha Dev, the king of Orissa, brought this Deity to Remuna in the 13th century from Chitrakut. This king also arranged to have dug the two big tanks, 'Brajapokhari' and 'Kutapokhari'.

3. Nilgiri : Ensconced in the verdant environs of Nilagiri, the five lingams at Panchalingeswar, the revered venue for numerous devotees, are bathed by the iridescent and sparkling waters of a perennial stream. Legend has it that these lingams were installed in this beautiful abode by King Banasura himself. Because of the serenity and beauty of its surrounding environs

4. Deokund : a beautiful scenic spot amidst green forests, has picturesque waterfall. The hill top temple of Goddess Ambika is a special attraction of the place.

5. Simlipal : Mayurbhanj enjoys the unique distinction of having a vast forest cover bristling with varied flora and fauna, stretches of lush green forest served with a network of perennial streams and its bracing climate contribute so much to make the district an ideal habitat for tropical birds and animals. In the eyes of tourists, the spot, which is bewitching and enthralling, is SIMILIPAL NATIONAL PARK the ideal habitat of animals like tiger, leopard, elephant, sambar, deer and birds. Added to it is the scenic beauty in extravaganza which keeps one amazed. A nature loving tourist can not but miss the majestic sal forests, cool, calm and expansive grassy lands, soaring peaks and the waterfalls of streaming pearls which make Similipal the " Dreamland of Nature".

6. Sajanagarh : Sajanagarh is a place which as serving as a military base during the period of ex-rullers of Nilgiri state.The main attraction of the place is the temple of godess “ Bhudharchandi “ On the walls of both temple and boundary beautiful stone works have been made legently the gods and goddess.

7. Ayodhya : Ayodhya where assimilation of Jainism, Budhism, Baishnavism, Tantraism Saivism, Sakthism took place.The place was flourished once upon a time as a town or it was a Capital of a king the time is still not known. A large number of images ( remains ) have been unearthen from the site. Among them Budha, Jains, Pareshnath, Shiva,Gonesh, Natraj,Bhairabi,Maricha,Baraha,Tara are famous godess Marichi is the most attractive.

8. CHASAKHAND ( BAGHAJATIN ): Baghajatin the historic place is situated at a distance of 10 Kms. From Balasore town at Chasakhand village in Remuna Block.Now a days the place is famed as Baghajatin where many people are coming to witness the heroic death place of Late Jatindra Nath Pal the then freedom fighter of August Biplav in 1942.