S.N. Innovation and Experimentation (Give a suitable title with a link to give more insight into the work) Class and subject Learning objective initially envisaged Learning objective realised or not Name of Innovator / Experimenter with designation.
1 Learning 2-D Array Concept Using Some Diagrams with formulas XII Comp. Sc. To understand the different concepts of 2-D array easily through technological aids yes realized While demonstrating students easily understood the concepts (for writing 2-D array programs) without burden. Sh Ashwani PGT (Comp. Sc.)
2 Geometrical shapes (Triangle) VI Maths To understand the concept of geometry through visual effects Yes, the presentation helps in joyful learning, clarifies the concept of geometry through animated pictures as well as gives the teacher the scope for taking sufficient feed back. It is a great success for young children of std VI Mrs. Nibetita Behera T.G.T(Math)
3 Plastic a Threat to Mother Nature III -V To understandthe harmful effect of using plastic. Its all about environmental awareness. Yes, it   would make the students sensitive to environmental issues as they are going to be the future of our country. It exposure to outside environment which can improve their overall personality. Miss. G. Rout PRT